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Talkfest on Epson IP Protection with Law Enforcement Agencies held in Nanchang


Initiated by Genuineways and with strong supports from Nanchang Administration for Industry and Commerce (the “Nanchang AIC”) and Nanchang Public Security Bureau (the “Nanchang PSB”), a talkfest on Epson IP protection with law enforcement agencies was held in Nanchang AIC on July 30, 2010.

Mr. CAO Laixi – chairman of Genuineways, Mr. Takashi Yamaguchi – general manager of IP branch of EPSON Corporation, Mr. SHI Qiyou - manager of IP branch, Mr. LIU Donggeng – director of Nanchang AIC, LUO Xiaohua - vice chief of Economic Investigation Detachment of Nanchang PSB, relevant officials from the Trademark & Advertising Department of Nanchang AIC, the Office of Fair Trading, the Nanchang Business Association Office, Economic Investigation Detachment of Nanchang PSB and anti-counterfeiting specialists from Genuineways, totally 22 people, attended the meeting,

The meeting started in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Mr. CAO from Genuineways and Mr. Yamaguchi from EPSON addressed in the meeting, expressing appreciations to officials from Nanchang AIC and Nanchang PSB, and describing the situations of infringement on IPR of EPSON in Nanchang, Jiangxi, hoping for a strong support from Nanchang AIC, Nanchang PSB and etc law enforcement agencies, for special actions against areas of rampant infringement.

Representatives from Nanchang AIC and Nanchang PSB both expressed that they attached considerable importance to protection of IPR, will provide strong supports for Epson’s special IPR actions plan in Nanchang, and assured Epson that there will be no local protection tendency and that they will investigate into and crack down the roots upon finding any goods infringing Epson’s trademarks.