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His Holiness Rimay Gyalten Sogdzin Rinpoche Visiting Genuineways


Gyalten Sogdzin Rinpoche said :

“My favorite practice is to be happy and help others to be happy. This is the purpose of our lives. In fact, it is the essence of the Universal Religion of loving-kindness and compassion.”

On July 4, 2011, His Holiness Rimay Gyalten Sogdzin Rinpoche paid a special visit to Genuineways! There’s an unusual atmosphere that surrounds Genuineways that particular day. It might be His Holiness’ glimpse of Buddha Dharma blessing or eternal kindness & compassion he has brought along with him. There is no doubt that whoever His Holiness encounters, he spreads his accomplishment blessing; Where ever His Holiness goes, he shares with others his essence of virtue, kindness and peace.

Some say His Holiness Gyalten Rinpoche’s mystical charms and physique are the outcomes of his many years of tough practice. For example, the chestnut brown eyes alone speak with humbleness and confidence. The cheerful smile, benevolent outspoken personality and his noble presence are just some of his qualities to shows his deepest respect towards the Three Jewels and Three Roots. Moreover, as His Holiness continues to walk on a spiritual path to transmit Vajrayana tradition, he unconditionally continues to help all sentient beings.

Rimay Gyalten Rinpoche is a reincarnated Bodhisattva that can surpass and transcend the life and death cycles. He is also an extremely diligent and wise master. When His Holiness Rimay Gaylten Rinpoche was born, there were many miraculously auspicious signs. The sound of Dharma instruments such as bell dorje, conch shell and magnificent visions were often heard and seen. Rimay Gyalten Rinpoche showed signs of having a very pure and stable mind since he was born. At the age of 7, on his own initiatives, he was admitted into the monastery to received monastic ordination. When he reached the age of 8, he had already mastered the art of writing and reading without any difficulties. In addition, at the age of 16, he completed his first three years, three months and three day retreat. Not long after that, he completed another second three years, three months and three day retreat. 

In 1999, he went on a pilgrimage and left his hometown and loved ones. He travelled all by himself and underwent many challenging situations. Such example can be seen as he went through harsh winter conditions and climbed over arduous Himalayan Mountains to Lhasa, Nepal and India.  After the fate matured, in 1997 His Holiness arrived in Canada. In just a few years down the road, His Holiness was able to master English easily, established five Buddhist meditation centers in the United States and Canada. His relentless journey had led him to expand the unbiased, non-sectarian Rimay Lineage around the world.

His Holiness Rimay Gyalten Rinpoche is a close friend of Mr. CAO Laixi, the President of Genuineways. The two often exchange views on Buddhism, universal religion & philosophy and various social phenomenon.  In this special visit, His Holiness Rimay Gyalten Rinpoche came to a better understanding of Genuineways. He gave his blessings and encouragement to Genuineways to provide quality services, safeguard policy and legitimacy rights for all the clients. Hence, allowing Genuineways to make greater and harmonious contributions towards the social enterprise and the society.

The following is a special prayer that His Holiness Rimay Gyalten Rinpoche wants to share with all the friends and family:

    May the Buddha protect you!

    May the Deities protect you!

    May you have good health!

    May you have a long life!

    May all your wishes come true!

    May your activities be successful!

    May you have great prosperity year after year!

    May you always have joy, inner peace and happiness!


A Brief Introduction of Rimay Tradition  

**Linage is a very important protection; it maintains and guarantees the genuine purity of the teaching**

Rimay” is a Tibetan word meaning “non-sectarian”, “non-exclusive”, or “without boundaries.” The Rimay Tradition is not itself a separate or new school, but rather a way of viewing and relating to all schools, Lineages, and traditions.

During the 19th century in Tibet, there was intense sectarian rivalry between different lineages; it was limiting practioners and threatening the existence of Tibetan Buddhism. Due to these conditions, a group of great Masters from different Lineages emerged together to protect and maintain all Buddha-Dharma teachings; and hoping one day to re-inspire and spread the authentic Dharma teachings. It is what essentially what Buddha Shakyamuni taught: to preserve and transmit all genuine lineages . Therefore, this movement became known as the Rimay Movement. 

The teachings of Rimay Tradition can be summarized into the following sentences:

·To show Respect to all religious traditions, this is the Rimay Tradition of “Non-Sectarianism.”

·To have the Faith that all the true spiritual traditions lead to the ultimate liberation of freedom from suffering and the awakening of wisdom and compassion; this is the Rimay Tradition of the “Equally Perfect Result.”

·To consider all beings with Love and Affection, including foes as well as friends, this is Rimay Tradition of “Impartiality.”

·To uphold Peace and Prosperity in a thoughtfulness and honesty; this is the Rimay Tradition of “Impartial Government.”

For more information about Rimay Tradition and His Holiness Rimay Gyalten Sogdzin Rinpoche, you can go onto the official website: http://www.rimayrinpoche.com/