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Welcome Senior Consultants Mr. DONG Baolin and Ms ZHANG Lumin Joined Genuineways


Recently, the Chinese senior experts on intellectual property, Mr. DONG Baolin and Ms ZHANG Lumin, joined Genuineways as senior consultants, to provide Genuineways with comprehensive guides on intellectual property and related businesses, which will undoubtedly greatly promote Genuineways in the development of intellectual property business.

From 1979, Mr. DONG had been serving in the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, as examiner of the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, deputy director general of the Trademark Office and director of the Legal Affairs.  Mr. Dong currently serves as a senior consultant for Genuineways.  Mr. DONG also held the following positions: director of the Experts Committee of Chinese Trademark Association, advisor of Intellectual Property Society of Chinese Law Society, director of Chinese Intellectual Property Research Society, vice president of Beijing Intellectual Property Research Society, juror of the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court, consultant of the judicial systems of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Fujian on the trial of intellectual property, member of the expert advisory committee of Beijing People's Procuratorate in civil and administrative prosecution, professor of the senior lawyer and notary training center of the Ministry of Justice, professor of Chinese Intellectual Property Correspondence College, adjunct professor of China University of Political Science, adjunct professor of East China College of Political Science and Law, part-time researcher of East China University of Political Science and Law, and postgraduate tutor of Law School of Peking University on Intellectual Property.


Mr. DONG also contributed much to the drafting, discussing and modifying of the Chinese Trademark Law and the Implementing Regulations thereof, and took charge of the work of each revision; Mr. DONG also, as an expert, participated in the intellectual property negotiation with the United States on China’s entry into WTO, and in the review of special tasks for the state intellectual property strategy.

Over the years, Mr. DONG wrote ceaselessly and achieved fruitful results, which include the following major works:

Author: The PRC Trademark Law Interpretation, Trademarks and Trademark Law, Main Points of Trademark Law, Basics of the Trademark Law, Trademark Registration Procedures, Trademark Examination Instances, Trademark Opposition Cases, Detailed Analysis of the Trademark Law, Cases Interpreting the Trademark Law, Business & Taxation;

Chief editor: Must-read for Enterprise Legal Representative, Understanding and Application of Trademark law

Editor: Intellectual Property Law Guide (The Trademark Law) published by Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science, Party School of the CPC Central Committee

Translator: Liberia Trademark Law, Vienna Agreement Establishing an International Classification of Figurative Elements of Marks and its annex - International Classification of Figurative Elements of Marks.

With an obvious great contribution to the trademark cause of China, Mr. DONG is highly esteemed as one of the top professionals in the field.


Ms ZHANG graduated from China University of Political Science and Law in 1969 and from Economic Law Department of Peking University in 1989.

ZHANG worked in prejudication division in the court and public security bureau firstly in Kunming and later in Beijing.  From 1979 to 1994, she worked in economic court in Beijing High People’s Court, pursuing bargaining adjudgement, as assistant judge, judge, vice-president, acting president, the judicial committee member and so on.  In 1984, she was sent to study Chinese patent laws and regulations, in preparation for patent trial.  After that Ms ZHANG was appointed as a senior judge and had been trying intellectual property cases.

From 1993 to 2007, she served as the president in intellectual property court in Beijing High People’s Court, pursuing intellectual property adjudgement, until her retirement.  Ms. Zhang was hired by International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, by Beijing Arbitration Commission, by Domain Name Dispute Resolution Committee of Experts and executive director of Intellectual Property Society of Chinese Law Society, executive director of Beijing Association of Women Judges and so on.

The cases that were tried and participated by Ms. ZHANG include disputes on copyright, patent, trademark, unfair enterprise competition, technical contract, domain name, and internet copyright, etc frontier and foreign-related cases, many of which were the focus of the medial and the society and even evoked international impact.

Over the years, Mr. ZHANG wrote ceaselessly and achieved fruitful results, which include the following major works: Beijing IPR Trial Yearbook; Determine Damages for Copyright Infringement Liability; Practices & Cases in Copyright Trial.

Ms Zhang has witnessed and participated in the preparation and establishment of the earliest intellectual property court in China, with great contribution in the process of professionalizing the adjudgement of as well as promoting judicial protection of intellectual property in Beijing.