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Customs protection

The scope of customs protection of intellectual property rights:

(1)Must be intellectual property rights relating to goods passing in and out of the customs.

(2)Must be intellectual property rights that are clearly stipulated to be protected by Chinese law and administrative regulation.

(3)The protection object is right of exclusive use of trademark, patent right and copyright.

When the right holder entrusts the customs to put his intellectual property right on record he needs to submit the following documents during application:

(1)Customs recordal application form

(2)Original copy of POA executed by the right holder

(3)Photocopies of juridical person registration documents or personal ID card, the aforesaid documents need to be notarized and authenticated

(4)Relevant certificate of intellectual property right, such as: photocopy of patent certificate, copy of patent registration book issued by China Patent Office; copy of trademark registration certificate, trademark registration certificate issued by China Trademark Office, copyright ownership certificate etc.

(5)Photocopy of the license contract (the Chinese version required if the contract is in a foreign language).

(6)Photographs and description of relevant merchandise. Photos of the relevant merchandise are best to be 5 inch (12.5× 9.5 cm) colored photos. If the merchandise is of a variety, an annex can be attached.