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Legal Consultation

Attorneys at law from our firm can sign contracts with enterprises and individual to be the perennial legal consultant. After the contract of perennial legal consultation between the client and attorney at law from our firm is entered into, the client is entitled to the following rights:
(1) When confronted with legal problem, client can get service from our attorney at law at anytime with priority.
(2) After paying a certain sum of consultation fee according to the contract, except as otherwise agreed, there is no extra charge for all kinds of legal service.

In conclusion, our firm implements teamwork business style; no matter which attorney at law we appoint to be responsible for the perennial legal consultation contract signed with the client, the service provided will be our collective intelligence. We will, according to the nature and characteristic of problem you are confronted with, appoint an experienced attorney at law in this specific area to assist you resolving relevant problems.  
This information is simplified and must not be taken as a definitive statement of the law or practice.