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Litigation & Arbitration

Our attorneys at law are well versed in resolving disputes through litigation and arbitration for Chinese and foreign clients. Those disputes have involved economic contracts, debts, real property, intellectual property, maritime affairs, maritime commerce, and carriage of goods by sea, employment and civil cases. Once our attorneys at law begin the procedure of dispute resolution, they will first hold an in-depth, meticulous investigation and analysis into the case, when necessary, appoint professional investigators in our group to investigate and collect relevant evidence then bring forward a feasible solution. During the process of litigation or arbitration, our attorneys at law will utilize their deep knowledge of the law, their rich experience and all of their skills skills to strive for the most advantageous solution for our clients. Before filing a litigation or arbitration and during the whole process of the litigation or arbitration, our attorneys at law will consider the feasibility of the enforcement of court verdict or arbitrament and make appropriate arrangement in order to ensure that the client will get actual pecuniary compensation.
Our attorneys at law can act as the agent for clients to file litigation or defend an action in courts at all levels around China; participate in the arbitration in the arbitration commission in major cities in China and China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission or Maritime Arbitration Commission; attend arbitration by major foreign arbitration organizations; and assist the client to deal with litigation affairs in foreign courts.