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IP strategy & anti-counterfeiting

With reference to infringement, counterfeiting cases relating trademark, copyright, company title, product package, computer software, integrate circuit, trade secret, unfair competition; our company can associate with the commercial investigation firm of our group to provide comprehensive investigation and litigation support services. We also take prompt and advantageous administrative raid action over the aforesaid cases or institute legal proceeding, raid against counterfeiting activities and claim pecuniary compensation for our consigners.

We customarily provide investigation services for our clients in the following phases relating intellectual property infringement and counterfeiting cases:

According to the requirement of clients and the differing circumstances of various cases, we can normally search and provide the following evidence and materials for our clients: sample, swatch, picture, catalogue, quotation, invoice of the infringing product; name, address, business card, company registration, personal information of the infringer’s; process of manufacture, process of sale, sale channel, amount of sale, time of shipment of the infringing product and etc.

When petitioning the authorities to take administrative action or requesting the court to take actions such as conservatory measures in litigations, seizure of property or judgment enforcement, we can start immediate investigation before these actions, obtaining the latest information and leading the officials to discover place, product and evidence of the infringement. With reference to wide range clampdown action, our firm can devote a large amount of manpower and material resources to cooperate with the authorities to simultaneously take actions in different markets and different cities, in order to efficiently raid infringing and counterfeiting activities of implication.

Brand Protection

To provide clients with professional, systematic and comprehensive brand protection strategy and implement it.

Fighting Crime:

Our Company has always considered taking raid actions against the origin of counterfeited brands as one of the most important aspects of our work for clients. But as raid actions against counterfeited products in the markets and raid actions against counterfeiting dens and factories are merely pecuniary loss to counterfeiters that can not put an end to the emergence of counterfeit products alone. Pursuing the criminal penalties against counterfeiters who have violated Criminal Law can not only eliminate the origin of counterfeiting, cutting off one source of counterfeiting in the sale market, but also it has a deterrent impact on other counterfeiters, pushing the extent of counterfeiting to within tolerable limits.

Our years of experience in serving world famous clients proves the esteem in which we are held by our clients and attests to the exceptionally high level of professionalism we have attained in the industry of intellectual property protection. In practice, our firm collaborates with the commercial investigation firm in our Group to implement solid integrated methods of anti counterfeiting and intersectional action schemes.