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Business security consultancy

To ensure the secure working of an enterprise, we can investigate relevant elements relating to enterprise security and act as perennial consultant for enterprise security making plans for the enterprise’s security and providing the enterprise with regular advice and consultation.
Enterprise security investigation and consultation mainly involve two aspects: external security and internal security. External security is generally aimed at the investigation over the status of a relevant enterprise and individual such as a business rival, negotiation opponent, and business partner for the prevention of risk and to remain unbeaten in competition and cooperation. For instance:
(1) Investigate the credit status of a business rival, negotiation opponent or business partner, including its registration information, business status, financial status and the basic information of its shareholder and senior managerial personnel, make credit assessments and rankings about the target company through investigation.
(2)  All-dimensional dynamic surveillance and research over a business rival to investigate and collect materials and information of all respects relating to its product structure, production cost, market share, and sale system, price policy, advertising activity, exploitation ability and development layout.
(3)  Investigate and surveillance the enterprise’s business partner, distributor and agent etc, help the enterprise to have a better understanding of their partner’s scale, history, business situation, financial status, loss and profit status, debt status, rule violation record, shareholder information, developing foreground, ability to abide and perform a contract etc.
Internal security investigation and consultation mainly focus on the investigation into internal factors that threaten an enterprise’s security such as stealing, misappropriating, centrifuge, as well as breaches of company privacy. We have resolved many problems of misappropriation and breaches of privacy for enterprises relying on our rich professional experience and methods. 
Security consultation and crisis resolution
With our firm as your security consultant, we are able to plan business security and provide regular advice and consultation. Should a security crisis occur, we can investigate and provide surveillance through different methods, assess enterprise credit ranking and minimize the impact upon the enterprise.
Employee behavior and combating corruption
Prevent and deal with breaches of law and discipline such as brigandage, corruption, centrifuge, misappropriation and revealing privacy. Act as agent for client to commence investigation into contract management, legal proceedings and taxation of the AIC.
n  Investigation over commercial information and competition
Commence credit investigation over the registration status, business running status, financial status and the basic information of its shareholder and senior managerial personnel. Prevention of commercial spying and other unfair competition activities.