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Shanghai FTZ to get an Intellectual Property Office

Themed with "The path and mechanism of openness promoting reformation", the 8th National-Affair Counselors’ Forum was held yesterday in Shanghai. Mr. Zhu Min, deputy director of Shanghai Free Trade Zone Management Committee, said at the meeting that Shanghai FTZ would explore to establish the[more]

The SCNP’s Decision on Setting up Intellectual Property Court in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

In order to promote the implement of the strategy of innovation-driven development, to enhance the judicial protection of IPR so as to protect the legal interest of right holder and the interests of the public, according to Constitution Law and Organic Law of the People’s Court, the decision[more]

Chinese Continuous Improvement of Examination Quality of Patents for Utility Model

Because of speedy grant of patents and less cost, the patents for utility model are favored by the majority of patent applicants and the number of utility model patent applications is continuously growing. The relevant data shows that in 2011, the utility model patent[more]

Tianjin Introduced Guidance for Enterprises’ Implementation of IP strategy

In order to fully promote the implementation of the important tasks of the Tianjin Intellectual Property Strategy Outline and the 12th Five-Year Plan of Tianjin Intellectual Property focus, Tianjin Intellectual Property Office organized the editing of the Guiding Opinions on Enterprises and Co[more]

Forefront Seminar on Intellectual Property of the Supreme People's Court held in Shanghai

From February 23 to 24, the Forefront Seminar on Intellectual Property of the Supreme People's Court was held in Shanghai. Nearly 60 judges from the intellectual property trial chambers and domestic and foreign experts attended the meeting.[more]

IP Work in Technology Innovation Program of 12th Five-Year Plan Released

The website of Ministry of Science and Technology, on February 27, released the Special Program of IP Work in Technology Innovation of 12th Five-Year Plan. The program points out that in the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the guiding role of intellectual property to scientific and technological[more]