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Legal proceeding support

The reform of the judicial system means the principle “the one that advocates needs to prove” has become more and more authoritative in the legal proceeding, therefore evidence plays remarkable role in winning the litigation.

Litigation evidence is one of the key factors that guarantee the winning of litigation for a client. However due to the restrictions of many kinds, it is sometimes very difficult for a client to obtain relevant evidence about an opponent. We can utilize professional skills and methods to obtain evidence and materials that are impossible for un-professionals to acquire and give great support to the client’s litigation. These evidences and materials normally include:
1.Enterprise registration, name and address, main principals of the litigation opponent.
2.Bank account number, bankroll history, goods storage and assets distributing of the litigation opponent.
3.Original economic, financial, transaction and human resource documents or copies of the litigation opponent.
4.Materials which can prove a certain act of the litigation opponent etc.

During civil disputes, such as divorce, wills, debt and property disputes, we can conduct investigation over the property situation or behavior of the opponent party for our client, and provide necessary information and evidence to our client. When we deal with civil case investigation, apart from strictly keeping the client’s confidentiality, we ensure that we will not violate the legal rights of the investigation target.  
The aforesaid investigation activities as part of pre-litigation investigation can help you successfully win the litigation or commence effective conservatory measures before litigation. When enforcing the verdict, it can also help you find an opponent’s asset and make the execution of the verdict run smoothly.
Our firm has always paid great attention to communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts. We have established successful cooperation and mutual relations with many relevant investigation associations and organizations and therefore, when proceeding with a relevant service, we can get assistance and support from those organization members.