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Welcome Senior Consultant Ms. WANG Bin Joining Genuineways


Recently, Ms. WANG Bin, a trademark senior expert, joined Genuineways, providing Genuineways with comprehensive guides on trademark and related businesses, which will undoubtedly greatly promote Genuineways in the development of trademark business.


Ms WANG had been working in the Trademark Office since 1988, serving, one after another, as assistant researcher of Search Division, assistant researcher of Third Examination Division, researcher of Fifth Examination Division, director of Eighth Examination Division of the Trademark Office, responsible for the examination of service marks, collective marks, certification marks, geographical indications, etc.

Ms. WANG chaired and participated in the revision, addition and supplement work done by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in respect of groups of similar ods and services of Nice Agreement concerning the International Classification of ods and Services and participated in the revision of International Classification of Figurative Elements of Marks.

Over the years of busy work, Ms. WANG, with a keen eye on and studying the latest development in the trademark field, often delivered speeches on hot topics in national and international conferences.

Ms. WANG, with a profound understanding and rich experience in the overall trademark process, especially in service marks, collective marks, certification marks, geographical indications, etc., is recognized as one of the best professionals in the field.