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Tianjin Introduced Guidance for Enterprises’ Implementation of IP strategy


In order to fully promote the implementation of the important tasks of the Tianjin Intellectual Property Strategy Outline and the 12th Five-Year Plan of Tianjin Intellectual Property focus, Tianjin Intellectual Property Office organized the editing of the Guiding Opinions on Enterprises and Corporations’ Implementation of Intellectual Property Strategy (hereinafter referred to the "Opinions"), which was officially issued recently.

The Opinions points out that enterprises and corporations shall establish a sound intellectual property management system and operation mechanism, strengthen intellectual property management functions, establish intellectual property management department and speed up the change from decentralized management of intellectual property to group management or hierarchical or divisional management. It shall speed up the creation of intellectual property, establish the research project management model for the purpose of obtaining intellectual property, constantly increase efforts of technological innovations and product developments, obtain a number of independent intellectual property centralizing key areas and core technologies in advantageous industries and key products. It shall strengthen intellectual property operations, accelerate the conversion of the core technology patents into implementation, carry out the transfer and licensing of patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights, make full use of intellectual property for financing and equity investment, establish industry Intellectual Property alliance and master the right to speak in the market competition; strengthen intellectual property protection, improve the corporate awareness on protection of intellectual property, strengthen capacity in responding to intellectual property disputes, build intellectual property disputes settlement mechanism, strengthen the pre-warning system of corporate intellectual property. It shall strengthen corporate use of intellectual property information, strengthen intellectual property information management and establish intellectual property censorship system of major project decision.