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Chinese Continuous Improvement of Examination Quality of Patents for Utility Model


Because of speedy grant of patents and less cost, the patents for utility model are favored by the majority of patent applicants and the number of utility model patent applications is continuously growing.

The relevant data shows that in 2011, the utility model patent applications of China reached 585,000 pieces, which brought a great challenge to the examination work of Utility Model Examination Department of State Intellectual Property Office.

In 2011, the Utility Model Examination Department, based on the collaborative efforts, the emphasis on training to enhance examination capacity, the strengthening of quality management and the increasing of scrutiny, successfully approached the challenge of the fast growth of patent applications and achieved satisfactory results. The relevant data shows that the number of complaints relating to utility model patent examination quality in 2011 is minimal and the public was satisfied with the overall examination quality of utility model patent applications.