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Shanghai FTZ to get an Intellectual Property Office

by:Liberation DailyPosted:2014-09-17

Themed with "The path and mechanism of openness promoting reformation", the 8th National-Affair Counselors’ Forum was held yesterday in Shanghai. Mr. Zhu Min, deputy director of Shanghai Free Trade Zone Management Committee, said at the meeting that Shanghai FTZ would explore to establish the management and enforcement system for intellectual property rights, and there would be an intellectual property office under the management committee, which would comprehensively exercise on intellectual property protection functions.

According to the speech of Mr. Zhu Min, it would be a key work of FTZ during the next stage to explore a complete protection system for the rights and interests. The new-set intellectual property office would integrate the functions of intellectual property protection from different departments. In addition, there would also be an intellectual property court in the FTZ, as well as a multi-channel of dispute resolution mechanism, consisting of counseling, mediation, arbitration and so on.

At the same time, the FTZ committee would also conduct research regarding the private capital within FTZ, and further remove the barriers between private capital investment and industry access, to improve the national treatment level of domestic enterprises. It would also be a discovery issue to clarify environmental evaluations, to perfect the government procurement specifications and other mechanisms, to construct a fair-competition environment.  

Zhang Xiangchen, assistant of Commerce Minister, stated in the forum that, with the experience of FTZ, it would be a focus to promote domestic investment system reform during the next round of “openness promoting reformation”, and ensure the enterprises’ status as investment dominants. ."We need to integrate the previous laws and regulations of foreign investment management, and re-form a new regulation for foreign capital management", said Zhang Xiangchen, "the new formation of the investment management system would possibly realize to be based on the market, open, fair and unified."

Wang Xinkui, Counsellor and Director of Shanghai Municipal Government Advisor, said at the meeting that, Shanghai FTZ is performed that as a platform to test pressure of open reversed transmission reform. The key mission of FTZ is to through innovation create an internationalized, market-oriented, legalized, fair, unified and efficient business environment.

As introduced, during January to August of this year, the amount of companies in FTZ increased with 10.9 times. Now, about over 700 new registered enterprises settle in FTZ, of which about 23% are foreign companies.

The Forum was sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, which was attended by State Counselor Office and government adviser from 22 provinces. Fang Ning, Deputy Director of the State Council Advisory, and Zhao Wen, vice Mayor of Shanghai attended the Forum and delivered speeches.